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Beyonce eyes fitness video game

  Beyonce KnowlesThe Crazy In Love hitmaker wants to help her fans get into shape with a new fitness video game based on her energetic dance routines.

The singer had earlier released her choreography-driven Single Ladies video last year. The promo earned Beyonce, the 2009 MTV Video Music Award for Video Of The Year, while it was parodied by the likes of Joe Jonas and Justin Timberlake. But now, the 27-year-old star wants to channel her love of dance into a new computerised venture by creating a fun work-out for her fans.

“I’d like to get involved in video games, since I really love Wii Fit. I think it would be a great idea to incorporate choreography, because for me, my workout is way more fun when it involves dancing, as opposed to running on a boring treadmill,” the singer said.

“So I would love to do some kind of fitness game but incorporate dance and performance into it. I think a lot of women would enjoy that,” she added. Beyonce also became a spokes-model for the Nintendo DS handheld console earlier this year.

A taste of blue

The under-water action adventure Blue directed by Anthony D’Souza definitely spells danger, excitement, thrills and dare-devil risks.

It’s not just the audiences who will get to see these stunts, but the actors themselves who went through the perils in order to get the best shots for such a never-seen-before adventure.

In one such incident, Akshay Kumar was injured, while filming the under-water fight sequence, where he is seen without an oxygen mask. Akshay banged his head against an iron shaft and began bleeding profusely.

This is one of the most frightening moments of the film, because there were 40-50 sharks in the vicinity. And as soon as the crew realised what had happened, the safety divers who had a chain shield covering them immediately rushed to form a protective circle around him to form a pack and bring him to the surface.

Simultaneously, the shark baiters swam away from Akshay and dispersed the bait in order to distract the sharks.

And even though an alert crew member pressed a hand over the wound to stem the flow of blood, it was a very scary sight to see three sharks who had sensed the blood, still following them up all the way upto the surface. Nobody could breathe easy until Akshay was escorted safely aboard the yacht.

Akshay’s fortitude, at such a crucial juncture, ensured that in spite of the injury, he did not panic till help arrived. Even after he was safely back on the boat, his first enquiry was, “Was the take ok, or do you want me to do one more?”

While Akshay had to overcome the threat of the sharks, Sanjay Dutt was also in dangerous waters from the start. Apparently Sanjay Dutt had a medical condition which got aggravated every time he went deep inside the ocean with his oxygen tank. The tanks, which everyone used, contained a mix of nitrogen and oxygen which made his lung condition worse.

Despite that, the actor refused a dupe and insisted on doing all the stunts himself.

Foot fetish

 Sophie ChaudharyMost people have a fetish. And our Sophie is no different. She recently revealed that she is totally foot fetish. Now we all know Sophie has a killer shoe collection which any woman would love to get her hands on. But Sophie is also obsessed with keeping her feet super clean and pretty and has been like that since she was a kid.

In fact, when her mother took her to learn bharatnatyam at the age of seven, Sophie refused to learn the dance because it meant being barefoot. She took up ballet instead. Of course, when she became a teen, Sophie did learn bharatnatyam and kathak but that doesn’t mean she is any less particular about her tootsies. We bet one of her favourite dialogues is Apne Pair Zameen Par Mat Rakhiye from Pakeezah.