12 central trade unions to go on strike on Feb 20, 21

12 central trade unions to go on strike on Feb 20, 21

The All India United Trade Union Centre (AIUTUC) recently said that as many as 12 central unions will go on a strike on February 20 and 21.

Speaking at the 20th All India Workers’ Conference at the Freedom Park here, AIUTUC All India President Krishna Chakraborty said: “There is a concern at the growing sufferings of the masses in general and unabated exploitation of the working class in particular.”

The AIUTUC’s resolution on the strike says “Throughout the globe, attacks on the working class through retrenchment, severe pay cuts, complete withdrawal or slashing down of social security measures like pension and health insurance scheme.”

Radhakrishna, AIUTUC Karnataka State Committee said that the government’s excuses that FDI is a must for economic growth, should not be bought. “Since 1947, the governments have been coming up with such excuses. The 1990s’ liberalisation and globalisation has only led to privatisation, not development. FDI is another move to increase the control of the corporates,” he said.

Atrocities against women Over 2.82-lakh cases of domestic violence, 1.21-lakh cases of molestation, 67,775 cases of rape, 29,540 cases of eve-teasing, 25,392 cases of dowry deaths and 366 cases of foeticide have been filed between 2009-11. It is time the country fought against atrocities against women, the AIUTUC said.

In its resolution on heinous crimes against women, the trade union, referring to the recent incident in Delhi, said that the barbaric act had awakened the conscience of the nation. “The demonstration and agitation that spread throughout the country, continued for days. The youth should take up such issues,” the resolution said.