The art of adjustment

The art of adjustment

“Please adjust a little bit”-- is probably the most misinterpreted and quoted out of context policy in both conversations and life alike. The seemingly innocuous phrase is almost invariably the root cause to the mayhem we find ourselves in, during the course of day to day life.

Passive behaviour, compromising on values and promoting negative acts in the name of cooperation may ensure short term peace and profits but will reveal the foolhardiness of the act in the long run.

People tend to put up with undue delay, shoddy work, corruption, bureaucracy, manual goof ups, technical glitches, tyrannical hierarchy, obsolete practices, unwarranted ceremonies and protocol which deserve little or no respect.

Passive acceptance of sub standard practices can hardly be eulogized as a virtue. Usually most people refrain from questioning or complaining about such matters either out of fear or because they cannot care less.

A journey through the annals of time will reveal that gutsy people like royals, leaders, scientists, philosophers, social reformers et al, who wanted to make a palpable difference to the world they lived in, opted to face the challenges that riddled their paths. They realised that living in harmony with fellow living beings was as important as introducing recourse for a better quality of life as and when it was needed.

A committed approach towards their respective goals with this basic knowledge led them to chart out pioneering changes.

Purandaradasa, the saint poet said, “Manava janma doddadu” – the life of a human being is significant. He appealed to mankind to make the best possible use of lifetime not only to improve themselves but also contribute constructively to the society we live in and the world at large.

One can achieve this lofty goal by broadening the mental and spiritual horizon, juxtaposing creativity with wisdom and seasoning it with passion and the drive to overcome obstacles. 

Overlooking and ignoring faults and problems certainly makes life easier for the inadvertent perpetrators and people at the receiving end of the fault.

A little adjustment definitely irons out misunderstandings, unpleasantness and possibilities of blowing matters out of proportion. It spells serenity and security and an amiable environment when used judiciously.

One must weigh the pros and cons of a situation ensure its worthiness before   arriving at the middle ground.

Adjustment is an art. It involves ethics of intrinsic discipline and discretion. Adjustment, compromise, conciliation and co-operation are most definitely virtues as long as it does not tamper Truth, encroach on integrity or cannibalise compassion.