'Stop objectification of women'

'Stop objectification of women'

The ‘objectification of women’ and ‘Dabangification of men’ by Bollywood and Hollywood movies must stop immediately, say activists.

Encouraging such culture is costing the lives of many women and girls, who are subjected to gruesome violence, activists pointed out at a conference here ahead of the One Billion Rising campaign.

“Heroines who are taking Rs 5 crore for item numbers do not realise that they are now being used for teasing women on the streets and even costing lives,” says activist Kamla Bhasin.

“We have killed 35 million girls and women over the years due to patriarchal violence. Violence against women is the biggest war against any community,” she adds.

After the recent gang rape and murder of a 23-year-old girl in Delhi, activists say the whole country has risen. “Women and men taking to the streets over this issue in such huge numbers is mind-blowing. This has never happened in any other country, not even in the US. Delhi and India are leading the way,” says Eve Ensler, global campaigner of One Billion Rising.

This is a mass movement to press for ending violence against women, spearheaded by thousands of organisations in 179 countries. People across the world will hold awareness dance performances on February 14 to highlight the importance of love and compassion.

Dancer Mallika Sarabhai, says, “We can prevent being swamped by this hatred is to protest by using dance as a way of expressing one’s  right to freedom and integrity.”
Activist Aruna Roy says most women who migrate from villages to cities fear physical abuse. “Demands of death penalty and castration will not prevent violence.
Inequality and bad governance are the reasons behind crime against women,” says Roy.