Councillors stage stir seeking water supply

Councillors stage stir seeking water supply

City Municipal Council to contribute Rs 5.56 cr for implementing Yaragol project

 Four members of the City Municipal Council (CMC), on Tuesday, staged a protest in the meeting demanding a solution to water crisis in the wards they represent. They withdrew protest after it was decided to provide water through tanker to these wards.

Soon after the general meeting began, members — Ravindra of 13th ward; Tyagaraja of 12th ward; Shafi Ulla of 34th and M Jafar of 17th ward staged dharna demanding immediate supply of water in their wards as the people have not received water since a week.

“People have started staging stirs and if immediate action is not taken, there will be dire consequences,” they warned.

“Though six borewells have been sunk under drought relief fund, our wards have not been connected to these borewells. On the other hand, district-in-charge minister is giving out statements that there is no water crisis in the district, charged Ravindra.

Even cities are facing water problem. Not providing water through tankers to ease the situation is not fair. So, immediate steps should be taken to release grants from drought relief fund. A memorandum should be submitted to the deputy commissioner in this regard. Assistant Commissioner and tahsildars should be called to the meeting to make them aware of the situation and problems faced by people, they said.

Reacting to their demands, CMC Commissioner Mahendrakumar said that “there is no necessity to get grants from the drought relief fund. There is sufficient fund with the CMC. If the council decides to provide water through tankers to the affected wards, immediately we can arrange that.”

Speaking on the occasion, member Salauddin Babu demanded that water should be supplied to all the wards facing water crisis. Later, CMC president Nazia directed that water be supplied through tankers to the wards facing severe water crisis. She also directed to sink borewells in other wards.

Contribution to Yaragol

Speaking about the tax, the commissioner said “the CMC has given a contribution of Rs 5.56 crore tax for Yaragol project being implemented through Karnataka Water Supply and Sewerage Board. We can pay the amount only if tax on water is collected regularly.” He asked the CMC to take steps to collect the water tax without fail.

It should be made compulsory for the local administrative boards to contribute for Yaragol Project. He warned that the government will not release funds for these local bodies, if contribution is not given for implementing the project.

It was decided in the meeting to give the necessary contribution to the project.

Bringing up the issue, member Chandpasha said that work on concrete road under KMRP project has not been completed even after three months and demanded action against the delay.

CMC vice president L Khaleel Ahmed, Standing Committee president C Somashekhar and others were present.