An industry perspective for students

An industry perspective for students

Oxford College of Business Management recently organised a day-long symposium on the topic of employability in the current economy.

This was done to help students brush up on their employability skills and spread awareness regarding the Indian economy. The symposium, which was held on the college campus, was divided into two parts. While the first part had a technical session — wherein the entrepreneurs and CEOs of different institutions delivered lectures — the second part was a panel discussion. 

“This symposium was designed to generate high-level debate about employability of postgraduates in business management, in the turbulent business world. The symposium provided a platform for discussion between the students, the experts from the industry and academia, to foster an integrated approach between the employers, academicians and students.

It was organised to produce highly-employable graduates. The symposium is to enable students to make a successful transition to their chosen careers,” says Pratibha, the HOD of PG studies. Students say that the symposium was helpful in more ways than one and they could relate to what was discussed at the event.

“We were enlightened about the various facets of our economy. My favourite part was when the speakers told us about their struggles and shared their stories with us. It really opened our eyes. They also gave us some tips on how to make ourselves more employable and clarified our doubts,” says Sandesh, a