'No shortage of funds for providing water'

A ` 19.18 crore proposal has been sent to government, says DC
Last Updated 10 January 2013, 18:16 IST

There is no shortage of funds with regard to providing drinking water. Keeping in mind the shortage of water that may affect the district in the coming days, a proposal of Rs 19.18 crores has been submitted to the government, said Deputy Commissioner S T Anjankumar at a press meet on Thursday.

Responding to the allegations made by JD(S) Leader Y S V Dutta against the district administration not having sufficient funds to tackle the drinking water problems, the DC negated the allegation stating the district administration has funds.

He informed that a consolidated plan has been formed in the district to solve the drinking water problems. It has been estimated that 46 villages may face drinking water problems in the coming days. Hence, a proposal has been submitted requesting the government to allot Rs 3.5 crores to the rural areas in Chikmagalur taluk, Rs 4.75 crores to Kadur, Rs 1.53 crore to Mudigere, Rs 3.25 crores to Tarikere and Rs 6.60 crores to the town areas, he said.
A  proposal has also been formed to fulfill the drinking water needs for people and animals and grass for cattle. In rural areas, a sum of Rs 12.58 crores, in town, a sum of Rs 1.18 crores and a total of Rs 14.39 crores is needed, he said.

The drinking water problem is high in Kadur, Tarikere and Chikmagalur taluks. The problems are already discussed with ZP CEO. The proposal submitted, estimates the water requirement of the district for the next six months.The ground water table in Kadur and Birur is very low. Hence, there is insufficient water in borewells. The District Administration will discuss with the District-in-charge Minister on filling dried lakes through Madagadakere, he said.

Speaking on fodder requirement for cattle, he said around 150 metric tonne of fodder is already stored at the Amritmahal Kaval of Ajjampura. As the harvesting season has already finished, the fodder obtained from the harvest remains is sufficient to feed cattle for a few days.To fulfill the 150 metric tonne fodder requirement, which will be supplied from Tarikere around Rs 20 lakhs has been released, he said.

There are plans on opening additional 'Goshalas' in case there is shortage of fodder. If water is available in borewells of private owners, kits will be provided to them to grow fodder, he said.

Drinking water will be provided to Kadur town once a week and to Tarikere twice a week through tankers.
Four borewells have been dug in Kadur and water is available in them. With regard to water problems, the TMC has already held discussions with its members.

He informed that the Tasildhar has been made in-charge with regard to water problems and solutions, he said.
A tour will be undertaken to find problems faced by people with regard to water shortage. The tour is planned immediately after Vivekanada Jayanthi, he said.
Noting that there is a rise in rape cases in recent days, he said discussions are being held with SP and District Sessions Judge. There are plans to oragnise awareness programmes among public and deliver the message that harsh punishment will be given to one committing such a crime. Workshops will be held in this regard, he said. More awareness will be imparted in areas where labourers dwell, he said.

(Published 10 January 2013, 18:16 IST)

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