Fatwa against using photos for marriage negotiation

Islamic seminary Darul Uloom has issued a fatwa stating that taking photographs of women, to be sent to the prospective groom’s family during marriage negotiation, is not permitted in Islam. 

The fatwa was issued a few days ago by the seminary’s “darul ifta (department of fatwa)” in response to a query by a girl, who had asked whether mailing her photograph to the prospective groom’s family was permitted in Islam. She also sought to know a way out in case parents ask her for photographs.

The clerics said the “shariat (islamic law)” did not permit such practices. “Both taking photograph and having got oneself photographed is not proper in Islam unless it is essential...marriages can be fixed without photographs as well,” the clerics ruled.
They also advised the girl to explain her parents about possibilities of the photographs being misused.

The seminary is known for issuing fatwas. It has come under fire on several occasions for the same. The seminary had earlier issued fatwas banning girls from using perfume or wearing jeans. It had also said working in offices without veils was improper.

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