Trust a teardrop

 Tears are a taboo in society because they remind people of their own suppressed misery and pain. It is very unfortunate that such a wonderful outlet of emotions is equated with something negative. Tears are a blessing, they are a safety volve of nature. Any  overflowing feeling finds way through the tears. And it is a man's privilege to cry. No other animal on the planet has the  emotional affluence of crying to their heart's content. It is a beautiful saying, for the heart is truely content after crying profusely.
Medically, crying is known to be a symptom of physical pain or stress. But now a Tel Aviv University evolutionary biologist looks to empirical evidence showing that tears have emotional benefits and can make interpersonal relationships stronger.
New analysis by Dr Oren Hasson of TAU's Department of Zoology shows that tears still signal physiological distress, but they also function as an evolution-based mechanism to bring people closer together.

"Crying is a highly evolved behavior," explains Dr Hasson. "Tears give clues and reliable information about submission, needs and social attachments between one another." Dr Hasson makes an interesting point about the mechanism. He says that by blurring vision, tears lower defences and reliably function as signals of submission, and even a mutual display of attachment.

 Osho has  created an incredible meditative therapy based on laughter, tears and silence. He calls it Mystic Rose which is a fundamental technique, fresh and unused so far. It is done over three weeks. The first week is laughing for three hours, the second week, crying for three hours and the third week, sitting silently for the same duration. It has a deeply purging effect on the body/mind as people cry not out of some pain, but to cleanse the heart, express emotions.

According to the psychologists it is a healthy thing to cry, to weep, to laugh. Now scientists are discovering that crying, weeping, laughter, are immensely healthy; not only physically but also psychologically, they are  capable of keeping you sane.  
Tears have never been accepted as meditation.  And they are not only a meditation, they are a medicine too. You will have better eyesight and you will have better inner vision if you allow your eyes to shed tears. Osho says: " Never be ashamed of your tears. Be proud that you are still natural. Be proud that you can express the inexpressible through your tears. Those tears are your songs, unuttered. Eyes which have lost their tears have lost their most beautiful, their most glorious treasure."

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