Wow self out of a rut

Wow self out of a rut

Think Positive

Wow self out of a rut

There are no ruts, only routes to a healing paradise in this world of ours, say Bharat and Shalan Savur. You are never in a rut unless you think you are.

When you think morosely, “I’m stagnating, I’m going nowhere,” correspondingly your spirit wilts, your energy plummets. With this one thought you create a disharmony between your being and doing. That’s why you feel stressed, drowsy, are unable to focus.

Worse. Your faithfully, unquestioning servant—the subconscious—takes your thought into itself. Then loyally does its utmost to prove your belief is true. As you keep thinking this way, it obediently creates conditions of dreariness, sameness, helplessness.

But, if you become aware of the power of your thoughts over your destiny, if you decide to let the wisdom of the sages guide your light instead of foolish, fickle emotions, you will say these bright and beautiful words: “I’m exactly where I’m meant to be. This is my base to do all kinds of things, good things, great things, wonderful things,” you will experience the harmonious ‘aha!’ moment.

Your subconscious will absorb this empowering belief and prove to you continually how blissfully true it is. You feel fresh, energetic and focused. And, amazingly, doors open and all kinds of opportunities flow in.

It sounds miraculous. But it’s scientific. As a magnetic field is created when a current passes through an electric wire, so too does  our nervous system transmit electrical impulses when our thought-current passes through it. Thus, each of us is a magnetic field.

Think bright, cheerful thoughts and…voila! bright, cheerful opportunities get drawn to us. “Thoughts,” said Paramahansa Yogananda, “are universally, not individually rooted.” The trick is to keep a happy receptive mental demeanor, not close it with a glum, disgruntled mindset. 

I recommend working on strengthening your magnetic field in simple effective ways:
n Shift from Expert to Learner. The Expert broods, “How predictable!” The Learner wonders, “Hmm…If I did this in another way…?” For, in the learner’s mind abound many possibilities; in the expert’s, often,  none.

*Adopt a robust approach. We need to do the things that we need to do. That doesn’t mean we let life pass by dismally. ‘Feel’ and feed the opportunity exactly where you are. I’ve been writing for eons, yet I never feel I’ve written enough. I never feel “Oh, what can I write when everything has been written about already!”

Writing is as much a part of my wellness blueprint as exercising, low-fat eating, cheerful thinking and meditating are. It’s not just picking up a pen and jotting down sentences, it’s the reading, studying, questing, internalizing that goes with it. The more often you walk on a path, the more interesting it gets, for you notice new things which you’d missed earlier.

*Study the great thoughts of Masters. Soak up their magnetic vibrations, then share these thoughts with others. Circulating wisdom boosts everybody’s and the environmental energy to ‘Wow!’ levels. 

*Run in the great open outdoors until you feel the liberating heady rush of endorphins. Start with an easy, arm-swinging, warm-up walk. As you feel a quickening within, get into a rhythmic jog-trot. Comes the urge to surge and…run…keep running…until the cobwebs are blown away and your deep, strong, clean breathing is your sole companion.

Gradually, return to jogging…then slow down to a walk… Now, look around—at the skies stretching eternally, the sunshine streaming down to rest warmly on your shoulders, the foliage lush in its promise of evergreen freshness. Look around—there are no ruts, only routes to a healing paradise in this big beautiful world of ours.

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