NREGS: This Panchayat makes a difference

NREGS: This Panchayat makes a difference

A whopping sum of Rs 1.35 crore has been utilised for 33 projects in Chikk ankandahalli Gram Panchayat limits. The task has been achieved without using any machines.

Reserved categories

Most of the people residing in 11 villages in Chikka ankandahalli village belong to Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe categories. While some eke out livelihood by working as farm labourers, some make living out of dairy farming and agriculture.

The National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme was introduced in the Chikka ankandahalli Gram Panchayat on August 6, 2008. Following the successful implementation of this programme, there has been a remarkable decrease in the distress migration of farmers. Two educated unemployed people have been appointed to supervise the implementation of the programme in each village. This has served twin purposes - ensuring quality of the work and creation of job as well.

Construction of gokunte, desilting of tanks, raja kaluve, repair or roads, burial grounds and afforestation programmes are continuing at brisk pace.

The works undertaken include desilting of the tank in Chikka ankandahalli, developing  burial ground, raja kaluve and gokunte, construction of a canal in Hanumantarayana Dinne, desilting of tank in Naryanapura village, construction of roads, work on Basavanakere and such other works have been carried out, only using man power, under NREGS. Saplings have been planted at various locations, with the assistance of Forest Department under the scheme.

Foolproof system

Gram Panchayat secretary Rajgopal informed that construction the school playground in Vatrakunte, Bawarahalli road, Beerandahalli road and tank have been completed under NREGS.

A sum of Rs 1.35 crore has been released as grants in 13 installments to the Gram Panchayat. The amount is credited directly to the bank account of the beneficiaries. The effective implementation of the foolproof system is drawing people to take advantage of the scheme.

Gram panchayat president C H Nagaraj told Deccan Herald that farmers have been benefited to a great extent by the centrally-sponsored scheme. Construction of tanks, ponds, soak pits and percolation tanks in the first stage has yielded rich dividends as water has collected in all these structures due to the recent rains. The impounding of water has contributed to recharge the groundwater table. Farmers have to dug up to 1,000 feet for water and  distraught with depleting groundwater level, they are now turning to waterbodies for their irrigation requirement. The collection of water in the tanks and ponds constructed under the scheme, has brightened the prospects of agriculture in the area. Educated unemployed and women are taking advantage of this programme, he said.

Thus, the efficient implementation of the programme meant for generating 100 days employment for the rural people has succeeded in mitigating the miseries of the beneficiaries. Chikka ankandahalli Gram Panchayat has set a precedent in utilisation of the funds meant for uplift of the rural poor under NREGS. Emulating the example, now doubt, will go a long way in realising the objectives of the ambitious programme.