Eerie silence prevails at Talavadi

Last Updated 11 January 2013, 18:07 IST

The tense atmosphere triggered by the mishap which claimed life of a student Sandhya at Talavadi at the border of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu continued even on Friday.

The town with majority population of Kannadigas is in eerie silence. Police continued with their patrol to prevent any untoward incidents.

Though nobody was arrested on the day, police continued with their investigation at Gumutapura, Doddagajanur, Iggalur, Maharajanapura and Chikkalli.

As a precautionary measure, Kannadigas travelling out of Chamarajanagar were examined. With fear writ large on their faces, women and children are left alone with men deserting the village fearing arrest.

AIADMK, DMK workers

Local leaders of Talavadi, Gumutapura Chennanjappa, Kappanna arrested on Thursday are political leaders. Chennanjappa is leader of AIADMK party, while his wife is chairman of Talavadi Firka and Kappanna is DMK party leader.

A teacher who wished to remain anonymous, told Deccan Herald that students fear to attend school.

There are 28 Kannada medium schools in Talavadi Firka, nine primary schools, three high schools and two pre university colleges. He cited that the attendance is thin aftermath of arrests. 

He said, Talavadi region has one lakh population with 60 villages and has as many as 50,000 Kannada speaking people.

Kannadigas of the region are in soup with Tamil Nadu’s linguistic discrimination and atrocity of police.

He urged Karnataka government to intervene to protect the interests of Kannadigas in the border town. He even demanded the release of leaders arrested.

(Published 11 January 2013, 18:07 IST)

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