It's not all hunky dory in core areas

It's not all hunky dory in core areas

The impending summer water crisis could play havoc even in some areas that have been under the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) jurisdiction for years. Despite being in core Bangalore, residents in parts of Jeevanbima Nagar have been facing water problem for years.

The area, located in and around 4th and 5th main roads, has 50 houses with an approximate population of 150-200 people who receive absolutely no water for drinking and household purposes. In spite of the water bill showing nil utilisation, the residents continue to pay the BWSSB a minimum of Rs 83 a month.

The citizens have relentlessly pursued low and mid-level authorities who offered them no support. Phillips, an elderly citizen residing in the locality, has raised the problem in over 40 grievance meetings in the past four years, but nothing has come of it.

“The authorities do not possess a map of the water system to accurately identify the defect in the network. It turns into a casual blame game resulting in no solution.”

The local BWSSB executive engineer spoke of a diversion of waterline running from Hoodi to Domlur towards Jeevanbima Nagar in the latest water adalat on January 8. He had also indicated the start of the drafting process to draw a rough estimate to make improvements in the current waterline.

On his special request, Nagarjun Reddy, assistant executive commissioner of Domlur, also a technical expert, was asked to study the underground pipes for any blockages and glitches.

If necessary, he suggested that the pipeline should be pulled down a few metres below the ground to facilitate the flow of water. “The futile inspection was conducted on January 9 and there is no indication of any action to regulate water supply. I doubt anything will change in the next three weeks,” said a resident.

False assurances have made the citizens indifferent. Says Varadhan, a resident, “We have witnessed consistent failure on the part of authorities to deliver on promises for the past two years. The officers visit our locality and there is  water supply for the next few days. After this, history is repeated and we are left with extreme water scarcity.”

On the orders of BWSSB chairperson in 2010, special officer Nagarjun Reddy visited Jeevanbima Nagar and ensured water supply for three days. He also requested the residents to inform the water board chairperson of the “success.”

A former executive engineer of the BWSSB claimed in March 2012 that water would flow with full force regularly after the implementation of the Cauvery IV Stage plan.
After a series of unexplained postponements from July to September, the citizens were left in doubt. In
October 2012, the BBMP chief commissioned water supply to Jeevanbima Nagar, but no tangible solution emerged.

Surprisingly, a month ago, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd main roads of Jeevanbima Nagar were sanctioned water supply.

Frustrated with the unfair distribution, Jayashetty, a senior citizen, says, “If the next few lanes get adequate water, it clearly shows there is availability and there are no technical difficulties. Lack of organisation and planning alone has led to this inequity.”

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