'I never get into controversies'

'I never get into controversies'

Optimistic Outlook

'I never get into controversies'

Actor Prajwal’s last film, Super Shastri, might have been a damp squib but he believes that Galaate will make up for that disappointment. Right now, he is busy shuttling between projects and attending the promos of his latest release.

Prajwal admits that the experience of working in Super Shastri was quite a disaster. “I can’t tell you how I completed the film. I never get into controversies or kick up a fuss on the sets, but I can’t recollect the number of times I walked out of the sets of Super Shastri. I didn’t even promote the film. But Galaate has come as a relief of sorts. People will get to see both fights and comedy in equal measure in my latest film,” Prajwal tells Metrolife.

He explains that Galaate is based on a love triangle and is quite unlike films which have been made on similar subjects before.

Prajwal is also shooting for Jiddi, a remake of the Malayalam film Puthiya Mukham. He says that it is the storyline of this film that impressed him. The story is about an ordinary, sober man, who is forced by circumstances to turn violent. The Kannada version is not very different, though parts of the original have been tweaked to suit the taste of the local crowd.

“I have to portray a range of emotions and that’s a challenge in itself. But I really like the way in which the film portrays a calm man who is forced to change his character just to defend his right to live. These are strong, contrasting roles,” Prajwal shares.

Prajwal’s looks change along with his character in this flick. In the first half, he is clean shaven with short hair and in the second, he takes on a more rugged look. “I have watched the original and I really like the way actor Prithviraj has worked around the role. I had to build my body and my strength for the fight scenes in the movie,” explains Prajwal.

He is also working on another film, Dil Ka Raja, with actress Ramya. This happens to be the first time that they are sharing screen space. “I’ve been a big fan of Ramya since my school days and now, acting with her gives me a different high altogether,” he admits.

Prajwal further observes that a lot of people were pretty apprehensive about how he and Ramya would look together on screen. “I think Dil Ka Raja is the perfect answer to all those people, who were doubtful about whether Ramya and I could pull
it off together as a pair,” he sums up.