Several dance forms take shape

Several dance forms take shape

Perfect coordination

Several dance forms take shape

As part of ‘Maha-Maya — the centenary celebrations of U S Krishna Rao’ — the programmes held at Ravindra Kalakshetra saw some fresh talent coming forward.

It was a platform where students as well as professional dancers came together to pay homage to the eminent dancer. The show opened with a bharatanatyam dane performance by students of the Department of Performing Arts from Bangalore University, which was conducted by D S Kamath.

The first item, an inaugural dance piece Ganesh Vandana, based on raga Nata, was performed by Sudhir Kumar. He was joined by two other students, Pawan Kumar and Chetan, in the alarippu sankheerna based on raga Madwa.

Performed with perfect coordination, the alarippu was almost an introduction to the talented youngsters who were confident on stage. The harmony and coordination among them was the highlight of the show. Whether it was the footwork or the formations, the dancers made sure that they keep the coordination intact.

The next item, which followed was a jatiswaram set in Shree raga. It was a solo act by Sudhir Kumar. The trio added much variety to the show. The items were prepared in such a way that each could come to the centre stage and portray their best. This was followed by a kathakali performance by Prabal Gupta. The last two performers of the evening were Hema Panchamukhi and her group, who performed bharatanatyam, and Nirupama and Rajendra who performed a kathak recital.

The audience encouraged the artistes, the hall was packed as many art lovers came in scores to watch the show. “As everyone is allowed to attend the programme, it is a great opportunity for people like us to come and watch a couple of shows. It is a good way to admire art. The best part is that it is not one show that is lined up for a day but three to four shows in a day and we can choose which show to attend,” says Prashanth, a member of the audience.

 “I was very impressed with the students and have seen Prabal Gupta’s performance in many forums. He is also a good performer,” says Garima, who was among the audience.