Party lovers flay decision of closing discs at one

Party lovers flay decision of closing discs at one

Questionable order

Party lovers flay decision of closing discs at one

Closing discotheques at One am? ‘Nah, not a good idea at all.’ For party animals, it is the time to kickstart their madness but a latest order by the Ministry of Home Affairs, all pubs and discotheques in the Capital are to be closed by One am as part of security measures. This order comes against the backdrop of the gang rape of a young student in a moving bus.

In a step taken by the government to ensure safety of City’s women, the decision has not been welcomed by the youngsters. The decision has been taken to ensure that pubs stop serving liquor after that time. As per the report, all standalone discotheques and all 5-star discotheques must close down the music by 12.30 am and completely close down by 1.00 am.

Metrolife went on to speak to a few youngsters who are party addicts. “This is b******t and crap. Who ends a party at One? We enter discotheques post 11 and then finishing the party in two hours is just not possible. It is next to impossible,” says Ankit Upadhay, a lawyer by profession.

Another party lover, Pankaj Tyagi, who is a copy-writer, too questions the order. “Instead of taking valid security measures, the government is hell bent on doing something which is no way related to women’s safety. What has private partying to do with the pervert minds on the roads? People need to change their mindset not party timings.”

The government along with the Delhi Police seems to be taking its citizens for granted. Sending girls home after college and ending parties at One am is no way to deal with the hooligans on road.

“Even if we finish our parties at One, will these rape cases stop? No, they would not. We will go home but who will stop these bus drivers? Instead of training and increasing the force, the government is indirectly telling us to be at home as the City is not safe at night. I condemn this decision totally,” says an angry youngster, Dheeraj Maan, a freelance photographer.