Wit, humour marks conclusion of Bahuroopi

Wit, humour marks conclusion of Bahuroopi

Curtains fall

National theatre fest Bahuroopi had a humourous conclusion. Audience had a real belly laugh with words of doyen of Kannada theatre Master Hirannaiah tickling them.

Delivering the valedictory speech, the artiste shared his experiences at various places and with persons. Mentioning about the scenario at parliament and assembly, where elected representatives behave in a way not suitable for the power they are in, he said, there was a time he used worst language in his plays, which has now been taken away by people of parliament and assembly.

The artiste had in speech more experiences of North Karnataka, the region, which he described a best one for theatre field.

He cited a story of a cycle shop at Raichur which had ‘jai jagath’ written on the board which normally have names of gods.

When Hirannaiah enquired the owner, he said that he was not literate and so wanted the world to be unharmed, which will indirectly increase his business as his country, state, town and the street of his shop will be safe. He said, “our politicians need to have such thought to improve nation’s condition.”

Illustrating a situation where he and his troupe had decided to abandon a district of North Karnataka, as their play ‘Lanchavatara’ did not even complete two shows, he said, with assistance of a local artiste who revealed to them to mingle with residents of the region to learn their language and lifestyle which would be of help in the play. Then it saw 82 show at a stretch.

“We involved in conversations with the locals, understood their sense of humour, their taste which helped us reap handsome returns,” he added.

Explaining about theatre field, he said, the right of admission is reserved. The world of art though welcomes everyone, retains only handful. Those devoted to theatre, putting in efforts and curious to learn even smallest concept can only thrive.

Making a note that intonations play vital role in the plays, he added, humour is also prime part. But humour should never be created at cost of others sentiments.

He said, theatre has remained an effective medium without extinction even after movies and television have captured more number of audience in all nations. It is a weapon which can bring about change in society. Other media might attract mass but theatre teaches them about various aspects which cannot be done by them.

Master Hiranaiah urged to free Rangayana from all sorts of political activities and interference.

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