'Lucky dip' used to select students under RTE

'Lucky dip' used to select students under RTE

The Right to Education (RTE) reservation has brought with it chaos in the form of ‘lucky dip admissions’ in many private schools.

While an exorbitant hike in fees have parents worried, the other vexing problem is school managements abruptly asking them to look elsewhere for admission for their children, as they have to accommodate free seats under the RTE and maintain class strength.

A school in Dooravaninagar has told parents that the retention of their children in the school depends on a ‘lucky dip.’

The school’s strength for UKG is 165 students in the current academic year. A few students in Class I have been told to find admission elsewhere so that it can keep aside 25 per cent of the seats for RTE reservation.

“The school has told us that they do not want to exceed the strength beyond 165 and hence we will have to look for a new school,” a parent told Deccan Herald.
Worse, the school management has told parents to wait till February 5 when it will decide whether or not their children studying in UKG will get admission for Class I.

The fate of students will be decided by a lucky dip and the names that do not figure in the lottery will have to join a different school, the parents have been informed. The school has already received nearly 300 applications for admission.

This is not the case only with the City schools, but in institutions in other districts in the
State as well.

A parent whose child is studying in a private school in Kottur, Bellary district, told Deccan Herald that his son’s admission under RTE had been ‘cancelled’ from the following academic year and the school had asked them to pay the fees from the next year.

His child got admission to Class I last year under the 25 per cent reservation quota. The strength of the class was 91. For Class II, parents have been asked to pay fees, as the class strength will be reduced and the same number of students will not be eligible for reservation again.

“Which of us will have to pay the fees and which student can retain admission under RTE was decided by a lucky draw. My child’s name was not called out, and he lost his seat,” the parent said.

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