They are worried schools will not refunds fees

They are worried schools will not refunds fees

Different dates for nursery admission results spook parents

While some schools are coming out with nursery results early, many are planning to bring out their lists in February.

This is creating confusion and parents are arguing that the directorate of education (DoE) should have given a specific date to release the results across schools.

According to DoE’s fee refund policy, schools must refund the money after deducting admission fee, registration fee and a month’s tuition fee within 15 days to parents if they withdraw their child within a month after depositing the fees. But with schools releasing their results on different dates, parents are now worried if their money will be refunded at all. Delhi Public Schools are releasing their results on January 19, Springdales School on February 15, GD Goenka on January 18, Maxfort on January 31 and Frank Anthony on January 31, among others.

“Why didn’t the DoE come up with an order to tell schools to release their first list on the same date, as is the case with issuance of admission forms and last date for submissions?” said Ajit Tandon, a parent.
Also, there is no refund policy for application forms and prospectus fee being charged between Rs 200 and Rs 500 by several schools.

“What if a child gets admission in the third list in a desired school, which is after one month of getting admission in first list of any other school where the admission procedure was already done as a backup? Will we lose the whole amount?” said another parent on