The feel of the real thing

The feel of the real thing

Practical Knowledge

The feel of the real thing

Most students feel that the experience they earn during internships will give them an idea of what the real job will be like. They not only learn a lot during their internship but are also able to widen their contacts in the job market.

The students of the National Law School of India University (NLSIU) are all set to go on a six-week internship, the longest during their course.

Metrolife interacted with a few students who explain why an internship is an indispensable part of college life. They feel that an internship not only trains and teaches students a great deal about the practical side of what is taught in a classroom but also makes the students stronger individuals.

The students of NLSIU will intern with leading legal luminaries, Supreme Court Judges, human rights organisations, NGOs and corporate law firms from January 23 to March 8. The students have 60 projects throughout the year and each project has a viva.

Talking about why internships are important, Prof R Venkata Rao, vice-chancellor, says, “Internships sharpen the students’ skills in writing and communication. We have a two-week internship in October and ten days of another round of internship in June but the one in January is our longest. Students are expected to find their own internship agencies. Their experience during the internship is considered most valuable.” 

A few students are busy completing the last-minute formalities with the companies they will be interning with, others are yet to find a place of their choice. Prithvi, a first-year student, is yet to finalise a firm but he says he has almost zeroed in on interning with Delhi-based Akosha that deals with consumer rights issues.

“This firm is run by an alumni of NLS. I am pretty well-versed with consumer rights issues and although an internship is not compulsory in the first and second year, I thought it would give me an added exposure,” explains Prithvi, who also says that the strong presence of NLS alumni across the world really helps.

Pranjal Singh, a third-year student, is interning at the law firm of top lawyer Rebecca John, who has handled many controversial cases. “I am fortunate that I got a chance to intern with such as a prestigious lawyer. Internships give you a feel of the real thing and you come out more well-informed and knowledgable after that,” he says.
Jahnavi Sindhu, another third-year student and a regular mooter at all national and international moot court competitions, feels internship makes one smarter and sharper. “It’s only when you get out there and see how the legal fraternity functions that you realise just being well-informed is not enough. You then understand that all the hard work you put in is just not enough,” says Jahnavi. She also feels internships just like mooting, require extensive reading and research.