'Machcha, let us meet at Katte'

'Machcha, let us meet at Katte'

Proud to be BMSites

'Machcha, let us meet at Katte'

Students hanging out at the BMS Katte.

BMS College of Engineering is one of the oldest engineering institutions in the State, located here in the City.

It attracts students from all over the country who come here for higher education. They come here for different reasons, some like the faculty here, others like the sprawling green campus and some are fascinated by the BMS Katte.

The Katte is the meeting point for all the students to hang out, chat with friends and share eatables brought from home.

Along with academics, the college encourages extracurricular activities among the students.

Calefaction and Utsav, a technical exhibition and cultural festival respectively are some of the popular and well attended events that develop the students’ potential.

Suhas, a final year student of civil engineering is very proud of his college. “Compared to other engineering institutions, ours is a well-reputed one.

It is also located close to my home. Our professors are friendly and cooperative and very particular about punctuality,” he says.

"We spend a lot of our free time at the Katte, under the shade of the trees,” he smiles.
Suhas loves the green campus and is very proud of the management for maintaining the high cleanliness levels everyday.

 A view of the college.Pooja, another student pursuing Industrial Engineering and Management in the third semester says, “I opted for this institution because it gives equal importance to
education as well as extracurricular activities.”

“The state level cultural fest Utsav conducted by our college is very well attended. The lecturers expect a lot from the students and we try our best too,” she explains proudly. According to Gunasheela, a fifth semester student of electrical engineering, the electrical department has a good, experienced faculty. “The professors here are always open to interaction with the students and our Principal guides and mentors us too,” she reveals.  
Machcha, ‘Hey dude’, ‘What's up’, ‘Let us meet at Katte’ are the buzz words on the campus and spoken languages are a mix of English and Kanglish.