Sharing passion for music


Sharing passion  for music

Shubha Mudgal, who has carved a niche in Hindustani classical music, Khayal, Thumri, Dadra, and Indian pop music, was in the City recently to unveil the Bridal Salon Collection at C Krishniah Chetty and Sons.

Shubha kickstarted the conversation by talking about her love for jewellery and about her inheriting a great collection from her in-laws and parents. The most exquisite piece that she adores, she says, is a pair of diamond earrings, which belongs to her husband Aneesh Pradhan’s grandmother. “The earrings are so pretty that everyone asks me where I got them from,” she says.

She says she has a great passion for music but is not comfortable about her appearances in music videos. Though she has appeared in Ab ke Sawan and Seekho Na, she did it after a lot of reluctance from her side.

“Music videos make me self-conscious,” she says. “I feel sad that producers spend so much money on music videos but when it comes to audio, they think twice before spending.”

She is also an avid listener of all kinds of music. “My parents introduced me to different types of music. My father would discuss ghazals, qawwali, Beatles and many more at home.

Though my parents were professors of English literature, they had great taste for music. This created an interest in me also. I used to sing film songs in school.”

When asked, if singing for films brought her fame, she says, “film music did bring me fame. But then, just because it brings me fame, I am not ready to sing all the songs which come my way. I insist a lot on reading the lyrics before I agree to sing. I sing only if I am happy musically.”

She says the boring part about singing for films is that they are only of two types of songs for films. Either, it is full of life or it is for an extremely sad situation. The singer described the different kinds of people who come to listen to her music.

“There are some who come and tell me that they listen to a particular song of mine for the first one minute and there are some who come for the last one minute and 13 seconds. It feels good to listen to your fans. And I don’t take it to heart when someone says anything bad.” She is involved in many projects along with her husband Aneesh Pradhan, who is also a tabla player.

In February 2010, the couple is coming out with an international music festival called as Bhaaja Gaaja International Musical Festival in Pune.

They are also into empowering musicians and instrument-makers and hold seminars for people from these fields. 

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