Fruit seeds for a healthy body


Fruit seeds for a healthy body

For the health conscious or those on a strict diet regime, fruit seeds can be the best option to fill empty stomachs without compromising on the basic requirements of the body.

Seeds of watermelon, musk melon, flax/linseed and sunflower are the ones with high nutritional content, which when added to a daily diet can work wonders in keeping digestive system and immunity perfect.

Nutritionist and chief dietician at Columbia Asia Hospital, Sandhya Pandey says, “As flax seeds are very rich in fibre, vitamins and magnesium, they should be added to the diet. In earlier days, people used to make ladoos from flax seeds. Since it can be bit difficult to make, flax seeds can be mixed with yogurt and fruit salad. It can also be added to the porridge that can be flavoured in many ways, both sweet and savoury to increase the overall fibre content.”

Similarly, musk melon and watermelon seeds containing zinc, iron, protein and fiber, serve as the perfect healthy snack. After drying the watermelon seeds in sunlight, roast them in a pan. Pour salt water into the frying pan and stir it until water has evaporated. Once done, allow the seeds to cool completely. These crispy, crunchy seeds can be consumed anytime. Similarly, to the dry roasted melon seeds, add castor sugar and water. Stir it till the seeds are coated with sugar. Cool it and store it.

“People can roast both watermelon and musk melon seeds together and give them a sweet or a salty taste as per their choice,” says Sandhya. Talking about the benefits of sunflower seeds, the dietician says, “Sunflower seeds are an extremely rich source of vitamin. They are very helpful in preventing cardiovascular diseases.

It is also a significant source of vitamin C which is a powerful anti-oxidant. These seeds also contain some very important minerals, including magnesium, which relaxes the muscles and nerves of the body and boosts the immune system. Add sunflower seeds to your diet by mixing it with salads along with other vegetables.”

Keep yourself at bay from diseases by making these seeds a part of your daily life.

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