Maha Kumbh attracts large number of foreign Sanyasis

Maha Kumbh attracts large number of foreign Sanyasis

Maha Kumbh attracts large number of foreign Sanyasis

Maha Kumbh, described as one of the largest gatherings of humanity on Earth, is not only attracting indigenous devotees but also people from various other parts of the globe, who are thronging in large numbers in search of spiritual enlightenment.

A large number of foreign Sanyasis, who have subscribed to India's rich religious culture and heritage in their quest for peace, are taking part in all key rituals of the ongoing religious gathering.

Vishnudevanandji Maharaj, a high-ranking monk of the Juna Akhara, is one such person who travelled from Russia to take part in the event.

He said a 16-ft-tall statue of his Akhara's deity is going to be unveiled at his Divya Lok Ashram, some 700 kilometres from Moscow, next month.

"The statue of Dattatreya, the presiding deity of the Akhara, will be installed in my Divya Lok Ashram," said the monk.

"It is part of a grand plan of building 108 temples, three of which have already been constructed," he added.

Recalling his tryst with Indian religion and culture, the monk said he came in contact with Hinduism after meeting his guru 'Pilot Baba', a former Air Force officer-turned-godman, in 2009.

Olga, a Russian fashion designer, is also accompanying his guru Vishnudevanandji Maharaj at the Kumbh.

Indicating towards increasing influence of Vedic culture in Russia, she said a large number of Russian disciples are following the Vedic way of life as the country is now taking to spirituality in a big way.

The Juna Akhara has said during the Kumbh, nearly 200 persons from various parts of Russia and Europe will be initiated as Sanyasis, after which they will return to their respective countries to spread the message of love and brotherhood.

Furthermore, if the presence of Swami Jasraj, an Australian national, is of any indication, its not just the Russians who are charmed by this amazing confluence of Indian culture.
Jasraj said he became a Sanyasi in 2001 and had also participated in the Haridwar Kumbh Mela in 2010.

There is also Baba Ram Puri, who describes himself as, "an American expatriate living in India" and claims to be the first foreigner to be ordained into the order of 'Naga' ascetics in the Juna Akhara.

Hailing from the famed Beverly Hills in California, he became a Sanyasi at the age of 18 in 1971 and is now based in Haridwar.