'Comedy is right up my street'

'Comedy is right up my street'

'Comedy is right up my street'

As an artiste, director K M Chaitanya believes in pushing the frontiers of his creativity every time he wields the megaphone.

He hates being predictable or repetitive. That’s precisely why Chaitanya springs surprise when he takes up a venture.

He did a realistic underworld story with Aa Dinagalu and dabbled in action in Suryakanthi. He has now gone into comedy with Parari. “I wanted to do something that I haven’t tried before — comedy, which is a difficult genre.

Not many can pull it off. It seemed like the best way to challenge myself. And I found a wonderful story for a comedy,” Chaitanya tells Metrolife.

And that’s how Parari happened. It draws inspiration from a real-life incident. “It is based on something that happened to one of my friends. My friend and I developed the story further and it turned out to be quite interesting.

He wrote a very nice screenplay and also penned the dialogues. I was happy with the way it shaped up and soon, I decided that this would be my next film,” explains Chaitanya.

After his last two films, a lot of people mistook Chaitanya to be a serious person, who likes to deal with serious subjects. But Chaitanya is easy-going and fun-loving, “Most of my close friends know me as a prankster. Comedy is the best genre for me because it is right up my street,” Chaitanya shares. 

Chaitanya is known for promoting and popularising new talent and Parari revolves around young people. Chaitanya explains, “The movie deals with those who are neither boys nor men. It is the age of Parari (escape).

It is a generation that is escaping from reality, day-dreaming, running away from college principals, parents and even the police. The lead characters in the film are below 25 years. Since most of our established stars are above that age, I decided
that we have to cast youngsters in the film.”

The cast comprise Shrunga, a theatre actor; Shravanth a popular film and television actor; Bullet Prakash; Shubha Punja who plays the lead; and Jahnavi Kamath, a
newcomer. Chaitanya confesses that working with young actors remind him of his younger days in theatre.

“Young actors are malleable and dedicated. I am fortunate to have young actors like Shravanth, Shrunga and Jahnavi, who are extremely talented,” he sums up.

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