Michelle Obama gets an 'action figure'

Michelle Obama gets an 'action figure'

Action Doll: Michelle Obama

A US toymaker has released a six inches doll that is expected to be a big hit during the upcoming Christmas holidays and the company hopes to outsell those of her husband, the Daily Mail reported. Jason Feinberg of Jailbreak Toys, who will release the doll next month, expects the Michelle figure to be popular with girls. The dolls are priced at US$ 12.99.

Feinberg has already sold over 2,00,000 figures of Obama since its launch in 2008.

The action figure of Michelle shows off her trademark bare arms and comes in three different outfits, including the purple dress that she wore on the day Obama clinched the Democratic presidential nomination.

The second figure is in the red and black dress she wore on election night while the last one shows her in the black-and-white floral dress that she wore during an appearance on the US TV chat show “The View.”

“...following the runaway success of the Obama Action Figure we simply had to make Michelle because Barack and Michelle are a team in the best and truest sense of the world and you can’t have one without the other,” the toymaker said on its website.

Earlier this year, the White House had objected to the dolls based on the Obama children Sasha and Malia.