Leopard strikes again at Skandagiri in CB Pur taluk

Carcasses of 15 goats found on tree branches near Karahalli Cross

At least 15 goats were killed by a leopard at Kanivepura village near Karahalli Cross in the taluk on Thursday. A cow was mauled to death at Hirenahalli.

Located at the foothills of Skandagiri, Kanivepura village among other neighbouring villages have been witnessing similar incidents. Four months ago, the big cat had attacked and killed many cattle heads that were grazing at the hills. Thursday’s incident has created fear among the residents.

According to the residents here, carcasses of goats were found on the branches of the trees and some on the fields. “There are chances of the leopard attacking again, as it has found easy preys in the goats,” said the villagers. As the news spread, the forest officials have launched a search operation to catch the leopard and, have warned residents from straying out, especially alone during night.

Last year, on August 2, two leopards that strayed into Suddahalli village had killed goats and calf. The incident had sent shockwaves among the residents of Kalavara, Mailappanahalli, Muddenahalli and surrounding villages that are located on the foothills of Skandagiri. Besides, these villages are just a few kilometres away from the Chikkaballapur town.

“The lush green hill is the primary source of fodder for our cattle. We take them to graze over there. We also collect firewood from the forest in the hills,” said the residents of Kanivepura.

Suresh, a resident told Deccan Herald that “As is my routine, I had taken goats for grazing at the hills where I saw the corpses on trees branches. I could also see two leopards gorging on other goats a few distance away.” After informing others, he along with others went to the hills and tried to scare the animals but in vain. They came back on Friday only to see corpses of at least 15 goats, Suresh added.

“Considering the hills that is featured with thick forest and rocky caves, leopards find it easy to hide here and prowl on the cattle, that come for grazing. We have suffered at one-and-half lakh with the death of 15 cattle,” he added.

Drought effect

The district is reeling under severe drought and there has been a shortage of fodder. This could be forcing the wild animals to stray out to the villages preying on cattles, said Jnanesh, a veterinarian.

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