Golden Star is City kids' favourite

Golden Star is City kids' favourite

Survey shows Blore children are most tech-savvy

 Golden star GaneshaA survey by Turner International shows that a staggering 67 per cent of Bangalore's children aged between 7-14 years use computers for searching information as against the national average of 53 per cent.

In addition, 25 per cent of kids in Bangalore have access to computers and laptops at home, while the national average is at 20 per cent.

Recession has not exactly burnt a hole in their pockets, as pocket money has seen a healthy increase of 34 percent over 2008.In addition, 41 per cent of parents with 7-14-year-old kids give them pocket money, up from 36 per cent in 2008.

But take heart, the kids have been handling their money wisely, with 62 per cent saving part of their pocket money and of these eight per cent depositing it into bank accounts.
Surprisingly, even with recession, 86 per cent of the parents claimed that they would spend the same or more on clothes for their kids and 66 per cent claimed the same for toys for their kids. But 65 per cent of parents with 4-6-year-olds have spent less on movies and 57 per cent of the parents have spent less on eating out followed by 52 per cent of parents having spent less on holidays and outings in 2009.

Local favourites
City kids prefer their local heroes with Ganesh (21%) emerging as the most popular followed by Darshan (18%). Shahrukh Khan got only 5% of the votes in Bangalore as against a national average of 19 per cent. The favourite actress for kids in Bangalore is Ramya (19%) followed by Pooja Gandhi (14%).

The message of social consciousness also seems to be spreading fast with 58 per cent of the kids wanting to ‘eliminate poverty and hunger.’
As many as 30 per cent gave thumbs upto Sonia Gandhi as Prime Minister, followed by Rahul Gandhi (19%) and Amitabh Bachchan and Priyanka Gandhi (8%).