Magadi tank bustles with migratory birds

Magadi tank bustles with migratory birds

Birds migrate from Central Asia to North and South Indian states

In a treat to bird-watchers, migratory birds from far away countries have started flocking to Magadi kere near Chikmagalur.

The pond is bustling with Spoon bills. The chirping sounds of the birds make all those who travel to Bangalore via Belur route, to stop their car and get a glimpse of the birds before proceeding their journey.

The site has become a feast for the bird watchers daily. One can see the bird watchers heading to the pond with camera early in the morning to get a glimpse of the birds.
With the onset of winter, the birds migrate from Middle Asia to North Indian and South Indian states.

Last year, the migratory birds had settled down at Yagati lake in Kadur. This year, they have found peace in Magadi lake.

The birds lay eggs and start the return leg of their voyage before the onset of Monsoon.
Spotbilled bird with a grey crest, hindneck and a brownish tail, Pelican, Whistling teal ducks, Grey Heron, Water crow and other varieties of ducks are sighted in the lake.

The winged beauties were traced by the Wildlife-C team who have been into                bird  watching for the last 25 years.

Wildlife activist G Veeresh said “with the desilting of the lakes, the beauty of the lake is being damaged. As a result, there has been drastic decline in the number of migratory birds. The district administration should retain the natural lakes as it is and help in conserving birds.”