Ranthambore tiger sent to Sariska reserve

Ranthambore tiger sent to Sariska reserve

The Sariska Tiger Reserve got one more tiger on Tuesday as experts from the Wildlife Institute of India(WII)  were able to tranquilise and shift a feline from the Ranthambore National Park  taking the total number of the big cats to eight - six adults and two cubs.

ST-2 had given birth to two cubs in August last ending all speculation about the success of the experiment after the first tiger relocation which took place in June 2008.

Chief Wildlife Conservation of Forest P S Somshekar who was camping in Sariska said over phone that they have been targeting two young tigresses left orphaned by the death of   T-5 in Ranthambore national park for shifting.

On Tuesday, officials were able to tranquilise one of them and it has been transferred in a smooth operation. The new tigress in Sariska has been named B-1 after Rajasthan Minister of Wildlife and Forest Bina Kak.

“The animal has been released in the park and it has killed its first  prey which is  a good sign,” he added . The feline is about two years old. 

The National Tiger Conservation Authority has given permission for the shifting of two tigresses from Ranthambore Tiger Reserve a few days back.