Design dilemmas

Design dilemmas


Design dilemmas

Choosing the right mix of different styles and making it a harmonious whole is key. photos Courtesy: MODCCON INTERIORS

Mix and match individual tastes to create a harmonious home interior. It is difficult to really pin down what a man’s tastes are, and stereotypes abound, but a delicate coffee table made of flowing strips of stainless steel could lose out to a sturdy work table made of oak, if a man is making decisions. Flowers and incense stands, candles and lace, are generally considered more feminine.

One of the most stereotypical pieces of guy décor is the recliner. Size and function trends collide in aspects for “his” decorating. Men tend to like big dressers, big beds, big shelves and big drawers. 

Men also tend to like different colours from women. Red, brown, black and green are traditionally masculine, especially in some shades of the same colours.

So, if you are choosing a colours, make sure you pick a neutral tone, and mix and match your both your favourite colours in the fabric, walls and other decor elements. 

Dilemmas that a couple is likely to face when designing their home:


Technology (gadgets and gizmos) or a decorative piece such as elaborate armoire.
Colours and shapes. Should colours be dark, or light? Should they be pastels? Should straight solid lines be preferred, or curvaceous ones be used?

Upholstery. Should leather be used, or other softer fabrics, like satins
How does one incorporate both styles and tastes into design? One idea is to allow individuals to fulfill their need for functionality, for instance, by giving them areas where they are the stars of the show. Allow the individual to go ahead and wire the family room together with the television and surround-sound stereo. Choose a comfortable large couch to suit one partner.

If your partner likes functionality, allow him/her to pick out some functional attributes of the home while the other partner can decide how it all comes together in a creative and stylish way. Bedspreads and curtains are functional items, but with a women’s choice of embellishments, they can bring a sense of style to a room. Living and dining rooms are also rooms best suited for a creative eye. Some furniture and interior decorations may not seem to have much purpose to one partner, but they could bring the balance that will make the room feel like home. It takes a lot of creativity, a sense of adventure and plenty of character to design a home that blends different tastes.

Instead of choosing a gorgeous floral pattern, you could choose a pretty pastel pattern with dusty, figurative floral to create a harmony between individual tastes.

Add a touch of old boy’s club by accessorising with an eclectic mix of antiques. Old books, globes, nautical knick-knacks would be a perfect counterpoint to the feminine vases, lamps, cushions and chandeliers that may be sharing the space. Dark wood is rich and sophisticated, so you could counter it with some feminine frills.

Heavy wooden doors and dark paneled walls can fill up a space with subdued character, so add faded floral, fringes, damasks and velvets for a sensuous, feminine allure to the scene.  Add a note of delicate opulence by incorporating shapely pieces, such as an elegant French settees.

Pretty pastels are no match for strong, heavy features in a room, so instead of using powdery hues, punctuate with bold splashes of sparkly red-not too dark-that appeals to both masculine and feminine sensibilities.  Decorative styles through the ages have always mixed his and hers.

Similarly, the bathroom design too should be able to accommodate your family members’ tastes.

Efficiency is just as important as comfort. Two vanities, each with a sink and mirror, or one long vanity equipped with two sinks is a common design element for today’s master baths. Personalise the bathroom space which reflects individual tastes and needs. Colour, décor and conveniences are all a matter of what you like and what fits your space.

Working together to adhere function with aesthetics will result in a beautiful home that works for everyone.