What's the right age to meditate?

What's the right age to meditate?

Meditation is the most common word used today by people across the world. Every home has at least one person who is into meditation. Let’s understand what is this all about.

To put it in simple words, meditation is a spiritual love-link of the soul with the Supreme Soul. It helps us to know the spiritual truths of life and transform us into a value-based person so that we are not influenced by worldly matters.

There has been a debate since years as to what should be the right age for meditation. Some ask why people should indulge in these things at a young age? Because it’s their age to eat, make merry and enjoy life.

The common belief is that meditation or spirituality is for the old people. I feel meditation is helpful for everyone; rather it is of utmost importance for the younger generation.

At this age, mind is fresh and energetic and not yet polluted by worldly matters. So, they can imbibe values and virtues easily and bring about a positive change in themselves and develop a balanced personality.

Meditation makes us fearless, increases our concentration power, helps us to generate pure and positive thoughts, gives us peace of mind and helps us to achieve success in every aspect of life - whether it is studies or career.

It is said, “As you sow, so shall you reap.” Hence, if we sow the seeds of divine values and virtues in the minds of the young at a tender age, we would reap its healthy fruit in the form of a happier and beautiful world in future.