The lotus diary

The lotus diary

In many villages people still cook and eat lotus leaves and roots. They make a decoction of the roots and leaves and its petals to make a home remedy. This remedy helps to treat a patient suffering from high fever!

One would think that just looking at a lotus, so pure and innocent, would make any fever go away! For baldness there is a home remedy using the roots of the banyan tree with lotus roots! A medicated oil is made with these ingredients which helps to treat baldness.

People in Asia use lotus seeds to treat digestive problems, the flowers to stop bleeding and the tubers to treat many ailments!

The lotus seeds are edible and used in Chinese desserts and soups, and the leaves are used to wrap food like whole fish for cooking. You have to peel the lotus root, then slice it before eating it raw or cooked.

You can add it to salads or curries or stuff it and serve it as a dish. You must store it in water with a squeeze of lemon juice to stop it turning brown.