Break the monotony of working out alone

Break the monotony of working out alone

A couple that work out together stays together is the new funda. The concept of doing exercises with one’s partner is emerging fast in the US and many other countries. In India too, it is gaining popularity, though at a slower pace.

Besides burning calories, working out together is a good way to spend quality time with each other for a couple. If done with a partner, it could be fun and interesting. According to study published in the journal ‘Quest’ in 2001, couples who embark on a fitness programme together have a higher exercise adherence rate. This is helpful specifically for those who work out in their home or park rather than a gym.

Sonia Bajaj, a fitness and nutrition expert, says working out with a partner or a friend or a relative is a new concept that is coming up slowly. “Doing exercise alone can be very boring. If you have your partner alongside, it can be very distressing. These days spending time with each other is shrinking because of busy schedules. In this scenario, working out together can be nice way of being with each other,” she says.

According to her, there are certain exercises that a couple can do together, burn a lot of calories and become fit. Such as sit ups – couple can lie down on their mats with their feet touching with each others’. Slowly lift your upper body up and sit giving a clap to each other. Lie down again and repeat this for 15 to 20 times.

Twisters – stand with your back towards each other. Take a medicine ball in your hands, twist form your torso and give it your partner’s hand and then the partner gives it back to you. Again, repeat this for 15 to 20 times Twin squat – face each other and take your hands above your head in that position. Hold each others’ hand and squat together. Push up and touch – come in push up position facing each other. Both of you do one push up and touch each others shoulder with alternate hand. Repeat it for eight to 10 times.

Crawls – one of you be in a push up position, the partner comes in a plank and crawl from under the push up position of his partner. Do it 10 times and then change position.

These exercises can be done not only by couples but friends and relatives too. “Besides, these exercises, there are certain yoga positions and stretching exercises that can be done more effectively in a pair. It also helps in breaking the monotony,” says Sonia.