Writer's garden

Writer's garden

My wishes

My wishes are many
which require no money
I wish to fly high
and touch the wide sky
I wish to pluck a star
and keep it in a jar
I wish to catch the moon
and keep it until noon
I wish to go to Mars
and bring home some stars
I wish to kiss the sun
and make some fun and run
I wish to go to Saturn
and never again return
My wishes are many more
If I go on, you would get bored
I know I will never fulfil these
But I wish to fulfill at least a few of them sometime, someday
That’s all I wish, right now today.

Bojamma M.M.
VIII B, Sadhguru Sainath
International School Kudlu

Dear friend

Friend you glowed like a star,
When i was in the darkest room,
In spite of my deepest gloom,
Oh! Friend your presence with me lightened up my day.

When life paths go off into
different roads,
many filled with truth and
And many with cheats, menace and dishonesty
Oh! Friend you showed me the right path of virtue and love.
When the toughest moment of life was before me,
When i had given up in front of chance on my knee,
your helping hand gave me courage to face the
bludgeoning of chance

Stay with me for ever my friend
you are like a star
out of a constellation called FRIENDSHIP
Dear Friend! may this ship
never sink

Sushmitha R
VII ‘C’ VVSCG School

Happy Teachers' Day!

I love you all dear teachers
For having full faith in us children
For improving our thinking all the time
For telling us that learning is more important
Than just scoring marks in exams!

Rain fun

Rain, rain come soon
Play with me night and noon
When you don't come,
 no electricity
Nights are dark in the whole city
When you don't leave,
there's flood
Making us lose
so many people's food
When you visit us
as a timely need
It's fun and joy for
all, indeed.

H.V. Vaishnavi
L.E.A.F. program
7th Standard
Don Bosco School