Molesters shamed on Facebook

Molesters shamed on Facebook

 In an apparent bid to ostracise them, police in the Uttar Pradesh capital have decided to upload  on Facebook pictures and details of men who sexually harass women.Shaming them through the social networking site is apart from the legal action that is taken against them.

Police officers here said the idea behind making public the identity of men who harass or molest women was to discourage others from following them.

“It will act as deterrence for others. They will have the fear of social humiliation,” a senior police officer said.

Police recently uploaded the picture of an alleged offender Ram Gopal along with details of how he used to harass girls by repeated phone calls.

“Ram Gopal had made as many as 500 telephone calls to girls within a few days to harass them,” the officer said.

Pictures of more such offenders will be uploaded in the next few days.
Many have welcomed this measure.

“It is good to expose the molesters. They will now realise that their deeds will reach every nook and corner. Everyone will know what they have done,” said an undergraduate girl student at a city college.

Effective punishment

“Social punishment is at times more effective than what has been prescribed by law. It adversely affects the reputation of an individual,” retired government official Bhola Nath Tewari said, adding there was hardly anyone who didn't use  social networking sites these days.

The state government recently launched a ‘women powerline’ for registering complaints.

The helpline has become popular with girls and helped nab several men for harassing women.

Police have now decided to use its site to popularise the helpline as well and accept online complaints against alleged offenders.

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