Murder convict attempts to end life in prison

Murder convict attempts to end life in prison

A jail inmate has been admitted at jail ward in K R Hospital in the city following the suicide attempt by slashing his stomach with blade.

Shivanna, 37 years, Hulikere Koppal, Pandavapura in Mandya district is that jail inmate. Shivanna is convicted of three murders and a murder attempt and sentenced to life imprisonment. He is in the jail here for the past 17 years.

According to jail authorities, Shivanna suffers from psychological disorder. A woman guard posted at the hospital within the jail precincts on Friday charged Shivanna with eve teasing. The jail superintendent warned Shivanna, only to incite him. Even as the officer was giving a piece of advice to Shivanna to mend his behaviour, he suddenly took the blade kept on the table and cut his abdomen.

According to another version, Shivanna questioned the authorities about not serving food according to the prescribed quantity, only to get a mouthful. Depressed, he tried to kill self.

Mandi police have registered a case.

15 injured

About 15 persons including a boy suffered injuries when a KSRTC bus collided head on with a maxicab near Jayapura on Mysore- H D Kote road on Saturday. The bus was proceeding towards H D Kote from Mysore and maxicab was coming from H D Kote side. The incident occurred around 4.30 pm. Most of the injured were the occupants of maxicab. They are admitted at K R Hospital in Mysore. A case is registered.