Pak police points fingers at India after terror attacks

Pak police points fingers at India after terror attacks

Shortly after terrorists struck at the Federal Investigation Agency office and two police training centres, Lahore Commissioner Khusro Pervez blamed the Research and Analysis Wing, India's external intelligence agency, for terrorist activities across Pakistan.

"The enemy has engaged us in the North West Frontier Province and other areas. There have been suicide attacks in several cities. The enemy is no longer hidden. There is a lot of evidence showing the involvement of (a neighbouring country). They openly say they want to destabilise Pakistan," Pervez told reporters.

Pervez also alleged India had set up training camps for terrorists in Afghanistan's Paktia region. He questioned India's reasons for setting up consulates in Afghanistan.

Hours later, Malik said government officials should not speculate about the involvement of any country in the attacks without proof.

"We cannot rule out the possible involvement of foreign forces but I do not want to name any country without evidence," he told journalists.

"I request (officials) not to talk about the involvement of anyone without a thorough investigation into the terror attacks," Malik said.