Beauties on wheels

Beauties on wheels

Exotic Cars

Beauties on wheels

The ‘Exotic Car Show’, held at Bangalore Club on Sunday, was truly a dream come true for many car lovers with beauties like the 1949 Buick Super 8, E type Jaguar and Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, and many more on display.

The second edition of the show saw 64 entries across various categories — ‘vintage’, ‘classic’ and ‘exotic’. Some of the most stylish ones were the Austin Tourer 1934, Plymouth, Ford Coupe, Cadillac, Fiat Millecento, Bentley Flying Spur and Triumph Spitfire MK III among others. 

Every car had its own personality, as did the owner of each one. Hajee Sattar Sait, who won the ‘New Exotic Car’ prize for his recently purchased convertible Aston Martin, was visibly elated. “It’s the most prized car I’ve bought for motor races, even if I’m too old to still participate in them,” confesses the man who is remembered by Bangaloreans as one of the greatest racers of the City. “All my life, I’ve been passionate in whatever I’ve done. Meeting people who recognise me from the old days always makes my day,” he adds.

It was quite evident that every single person there had a passion for cars — overheard conversations reflected that. People were posing near the cars for photographs, fathers were explaining the beauty of individual cars to their fascinated sons and many were peering into the windows to catch a glimpse of the interiors of the cars.

For every young boy who attended, it was impossible to wipe the grin off his face. Nine-year-old Aditya Bharadwaj was seen walking around the club explaining to his mother the highlight of each car.

“This year’s show was better than the last one because there were more cars on display. Last year, they only showed the vintage cars. This year, the nice, new ones are also there,” he says, adding that his favourite was the red Ferrari. When asked the dream car he wants to own, he smiles and says “All of them!”

On speaking to the judges — Sandeep Singh and Shailendra Gupta — it was interesting to note the factors considered. “We look at the upkeep of vehicles, how old it is and the originality. There’s also ownership changes to consider, because if it stays with one family, there’s more of an emotional attachment towards the car,” explains Sandeep of Toyota Kirloskar.

A Dennis fire engine that belongs to the fire and emergency service stood in a corner, beside the vintage motorbikes which were also on display – from the BSA Goldstar and 1960 Norton Dominator to an enviable 1946 Harley Davidson.