Waste management: Authorities turn blind-eye

Waste management: Authorities turn blind-eye

The city municipal council (CMC) has a few days left for completion of its term, but it has failed in efficient waste management. However, it has turned a blind-eye over the issue.

The city’s population is increasing with swift development. Hence, waste production is also increasing.

Waste management without proper plans and technology has turned out to be a bane. But, both, the authorities as well as residents, have ignored the importance of efficient waste disposal.

Unscientific disposal

Unscientific disposal of waste is common in the city. Residents dump garbage by road side, while there is pile of rubbish in front of hotels, shops, etc. The problem has turned out to be a headache for the CMC. Many increase the pollution further by burning the waste. But the authorities concerned, for unknown reason, is reluctant to take appropriate measures.

CMC report

The CMC had prepared a report in 2005 and also discussed about measures to be taken for solid waste management.

According to the report, as much as 16 tonnes of waste was produced in the town and that 10 tonne could be converted into organic manure.

This was the situation eight years back, when the population was less. The situation has worsened today.

Presently, the district headquarters produces more than 20 tonnes of waste with a population of over one lakh.


Dumping of debris is on the rise with more and more buildings coming up in the city. Residents are worried as elections to the Assembly as well as CMC are at hand.
Debris may only increase with political programmes.

Residents complain that the authorities concerned have not taken steps for managing even bio-medical waste. Rudresh, a resident, says, they have even referred the case to the lok adalat.

The city not only loses its beauty, but also poses a threat to the people’s health and safety.

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