Cancellation of 'Vishwaroopam' shows creates furore

Cancellation of 'Vishwaroopam' shows creates furore

Confusion prevailed at Urvashi Theatre here when people arrived to watch actor-director Kamal Hassan’s controversial film ‘Vishwaroopam’, only to be told that there would be no screening.

The incident occurred when some of the audience who had booked their tickets well in advance tried to enter the theatre and were prevented from doing so by police. “The audience were angry, and demanded that the screening continue,” said an employee of the theatre. “They were not aware that the show had been cancelled.”

Many in the crowd wondered why the film was not being screened. “The film is being screened in Kerala, why not here,” asked a man, who had come to see the movie.

An employee at the theatre said booking for the film had started last Sunday, January 20 — and that many tickets had been sold before the show was cancelled on Friday. “Many of those who bought tickets have had their money refunded,” theatre staff told Deccan Herald.

When questioned about the confusion, the employee said it is a routine practice. “It is a routine for the people who come for the show to try to barge in and we too try and prevent them,” he said.

“Since there has been no screening, the police were stationed here and they sent back the audience. There is nothing serious about it,” he added.