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Last Updated 28 January 2013, 15:13 IST

The students of M S Ramaiah College of Hotel Management were proud victors yet again, this time in the fields of flower arrangement and vegetable carving.

A group of them have been winning prizes for these two events at various inter-collegiate fests, using their creativity and skills to outshine their competitors.

Karma Tempa and Rashmi Bai have been finding expression in exquisite vegetable carvings, which have impressed the judges of various events for their beauty and simplicity.

“I put all my thoughts into carvings because I love being in the kitchen, a place that they say is only for women. I disagree with this notion, as my dream is to become a good chef. Plus, I’ve always wanted to take part in such competitions because participation is very important in life to gain skills and have knowledge about the kind of competition we have around us,” explains a smiling Karma.

He adds, “There aren’t too many hotel management colleges in the City that host such competitions. But these are very good for us as they let us know how the industry works and what it looks for. Also, you can’t always be focussing on your own ideas. Through these competitions, we get to see the creativity of our peers and learn from them.”

In the arena of flower arrangement, two students called Phakchock and Shamiuddin stand out from the college for their sophisticated and elaborate arrangements.

“We selected our own theme — Valentine’s Day, which is right around the corner. We have been practising a lot and have now perfected our arrangement — hearts made from roses, bamboo sticks and concepts from the Ikebana style of arranging make our masterpiece,” says Shamiuddin, one of the winners.

“In our college, there’s a very basic course on flower arrangement, which is mandatory. But in the industry, this craft holds a very importance place and winning these competitions is a big deal for students like me,” he sums up.

(Published 28 January 2013, 15:13 IST)

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