Crackers sale dip by 15%

Crackers sale dip by 15%

While many in the City have decided to make Deepavali celebrations a low-key affair to express their solidarity with flood victims, others have decided to extend a helping hand to flood-hit, instead of muting the celebrations.

There has been a decline of 10-15 per cent in the sale of firecrackers this Deepavali, said Krishnamurthy, owner of a firecracker stall at Palace Grounds. People have been sensitive towards the sufferings of the flood-hit victims, and believe that they too can be the victims of the ravages of nature, he added. Are the recent floods responsible for decline in sale of firecrackers or are there other factors behind the low-key festivities? Here is an assessment.

Expressing solidarity with the flood victims, Bangalore’s Bengali Association has asked its members not to buy firecrackers instead donate the amount to flood victims.
Association President A L Roy said that they had decided to confine their celebrations to performing of essential rituals such as Kali Puja.

Piyush Bhagaria, a software engineer said that he wasn’t keen on celebrating Deepavali with traditional fervour, in the wake of floods. But, the children in the family have made him rethink. However, they have cut down the spending on firecrackers. Last year, they had bought fireworks worth Rs 5,000, whereas this year they have bought firecrackers for a mere Rs 1,500.

Sanjay, another software engineer felt that instead of “muting our own celebrations, we should extend a helping hand to the flood victims.”