An insight into Indian Defence

An insight into Indian Defence

An insight into Indian Defence

For those who are deeply in love with the Indian defence forces and have always dreamt of joining either Army, Air Force or the Navy, the National Hall of Fame at Garrison Parade Ground in Delhi Cantonment is a must visit.

It takes through you an amazing world of the Indian defence services, throws light upon crucial historical events and highlights contributions of soldiers who have served the nation in an exemplary fashion. On the other hand, it also fills your heart with pride and excitement when you see the adventurous lives of those in the Army or Air Force.

The Hall of Fame is primarily divided into three segments as per service branches.  The moment you enter Army division, models of different kinds of small size tanks grab attention. An interesting part of these models is that they are not merely show pieces but the best designed models by students of National Cadet Corps. 

The adventure of being in Army does not only lies in serving the nation but also in experiencing some amazing activities which people generally dream about. The adventure training photographs of climbing mountain peaks, trekking, rappelling and parasailing give a glimpse of it. Considering the fact that photographs could create zeal among the youth to be a part of the Army, there is also small section that gives you complete information about the process of joining the force.

The next two rooms are dedicated to Air Force and Navy respectively. The photographs in the Air Force take you on a visual ride. Models and photographs of aircrafts draw attention. Similar is the Navy Room. Here, large size models of INS Viraat, INS Talwar marines are on display.

There is a fourth section which narrates the story of NCC. A chart on the wall explains how NCC came into being and how it was divided into different wings of  junior, senior division; girls division; air and naval wing. There are also photographs of those who were once a part of NCC and are now in top positions in their respective fields.

Hundreds of photographs placed on all the four walls of a room, take you down a memory lane where NCC cadets are seen sharing the frame with President Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, Dr Zakir Hussain, Sardar Giani Zail Singh and others who took over the top position in the country. There are some amazing pictures of Prime Ministers Jawaharlal Nehru, Lal Bahadur Shastri inspecting Guard of Honour and banner presentation to the best in the NCC directorate by Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi. It also highlights the contribution of NCC cadets in disaster relief operations.