City needs 18/24 tmc ft of Cauvery water

Karnataka on Tuesday told the Supreme Court that Bangalore City required as much as 18/24 tmc ft of Cauvery river water per year to fulfil the need of the 84.99 lakh city population.

In a brief note submitted to the apex court, the upper riparian state claimed that the population of the city had grown from 57.01 lakh in 2001 to 84.99 lakh as per the 2011 census.

As per the Indian Standard code, each individual in the Garden City required 150 to 200 litres of water a day.
“The requirement for the next four months between February and May thus worked out to be 6/8 tmc ft,” it said.
“In 2002, the total drawal for 48 towns in urban areas in the Cauvery basin had been 7.06 tmc ft which increased to 9.10 tmc ft in 2012. The population as per the census of 2001 in respect of 48 towns in the Cauvery basin was 25.34 lakh people which increased substantially in 2011,” it said.

The total requirement of water came out to be 8.64 tmc ft annually and 3.12 tmc ft from February to May, the note added.

Taking into consideration the current population of Bangalore City, 48 towns and other rural areas, the total requirement was computed as 28.29/34.29 tmc ft while for four months between February and May, it came out as 9.67/11.67 tmc ft.

Besides, Karnataka said that the State required 5.20 tmc ft for the next four months for minimum environmental flows of 500 cusecs per day to maintain flora and fauna and drinking water for livestock and 5 tmc ft for standing sugarcane crops of 60,000 acres.

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