Ex-techie found dead in flat

Ex-techie found dead in flat

Ex-techie found dead in flat

Neeta Sethi, 35, who had lost her job with HP, an IT firm, three months ago, was found hanging from a ceiling fan in the bedroom of her flat in Riveria Apartments, Kinsington Road, Kallahalli, where she lived alone.

According to Ulsoor police, the heavily decomposed body was retrieved from the flat, and post-mortem conducted at the Bowring Hospital. A message, found by the police, on her mobile phone, reportedly stated that she sent the same to herself, as sending it to either Vijay Pillai (her husband) or Sonika (her friend in Mumbai) would have prompted them to make efforts to save her. The message, while silent on circumstances that drove her to suicide, further said whoever discovered her body to hand it over to the two.

The police, who have registered a case of unnatural death, and conducting an investigation, handed over the body to Pillai. No foul play is suspected, a senior police official said.

Neeta, who had lost her parents few years ago, and was working with IT firm — Mphasis, had met Pillai, a businessman, based in City, in 2009.

The two, who eventually married, however, soon developed differences leading to their separation seven months back. While Neeta decided to live alone at Riveria Apartments’ flat, Pillai lived with his mother on the Cunningham Road.

Though estranged, Pillai often visited her and paid one such visit, after his return from month-long business trip to Goa, on Sunday evening. However, the flat was locked and Neeta did not answer his calls.

Enquiring with apartment security, Pillai, who learned she was not seen in the past four-five days, returned home. However, a call from the security guard, on Monday evening, that a foul smell was emanating from Neeta’s flat, saw him rush to the apartment accompanied by the police. The police broke open the door to find the highly decomposed body of Neeta Sethi.

According to Pillai, Neeta, having lost her job, was suffering from depression, besides being caught in a huge debt trap having borrowed heavily from friends and banks.
Why she borrowed huge sums, he said, was unclear, given that she had none except him and a distant aunt living in Canada.