Preparedness of 2010 Games far from satisfactory: Hooper

Preparedness of 2010 Games far from satisfactory: Hooper

Preparedness of 2010 Games far from satisfactory: Hooper

Asked whether he would say Delhi was not well prepared for the Games, Hooper said, "Well, I think it's understatement of the year. I mean it very clearly.

"(CGF chief) Mr Michael Fennell had laid down the concerns of the CGF on Monday at the media conference. He made it clear that at most we are confident by the assurances we have received from the agencies regarding mainly delivery and construction," Hooper said.

Hooper was yesterday removed by the 2010 CWG OC from the position of the CEO of the mega event with Indian Olympic Association chief Suresh Kalmadi terming the Kiwi of "no use". The CGF chief Michael Fennell today issued a statement rejecting the Games Organising Committee's decision to remove Hooper.

Hooper said he was not inclined to engage in a public spat but disappointed with the comments of Kalmadi. "I have no desire to give in to a public spat with Mr Kalmadi. I express disappointment at his comments," he told NDTV. The CGF chief Executive said instead of a blame game, all the stakeholders should work together towards the job at hand.

"We should be looking for solutions, not reasons or excuses or blames for things not being done. The main issue that confronts us was working together to ensure that we have successful Games next October. The CGF is committeed to that and I am committed to that. All we expect from the OC and its people is to act professionally," Hooper said.

"I thank Mr Fennell's support and his comments and the board's support that I had on Sunday as well as vindication that I hgave been working in difficult environment. But at the same time working for the good of the Games. That is all we should focus on now."
Hooper said he was bound by the decision of CGF Executive Board and not by that of Games OC.

"The federation is offering free consultancy. I don't believe it is for Mr Kalmadi to outrightly reject the position of the CGF. My board has taken a decision. Unless I am instructed otherwise I will be following it."