City-based group develops 3D sound technology

City-based group develops 3D sound technology

Audio Pro-X Technologies of the city has developed 3D sound technology, which the technology claims to be a better and advanced technology than the present dolby and 5.1 sound system. Now, they are in a process to get a patent for their innovation.

Addressing a press meet here on Wednesday, Noha Srinivas, P Shakeel Nakshabandhi and K N Venkatachalapathi of the technologies, said the advanced technology was the result of 12 long years of deep research. The technology helps sound spread in 360 degree naturally, they added.

World Intellectual Property Organisation has already publicised 3D digital stereo sound natural 360 degrees and total angle 360 degrees in 184 countries. However, this is the first such innovation in the sound technology, they claimed.


Through the new innovation, a few Kannada cinema DVDs have been brought out and the technologies is producing two movies utilising the technology to popularise their discovery, they claimed.

According to them, their innovation is able to erase certain snags in dolby digital and even in DTS sound technology. Besides, their innovation can be adopted to sound systems of satellite movie channels and also enables checking piracy. The technologies hopes to obtain a patent for their research.