Ejipura evictee threatens self-immolation

Ejipura evictee threatens self-immolation

Alleges police tried to force her out of the makeshift shelter

Ejipura evictee threatens self-immolation

An Ejipura evictee, on Wednesday, threatened to set herself ablaze if the police tried to evict her from the temporary shed at Ejipura.

Vijayalakshmi, 31, is one among the thousands of residents whose houses have been razed by the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) in its recent eviction drive at Ejipura. She had set up a makeshift shelter close to the demolished structure along with the five members of her family.

Vijayalakshmi alleged that as many as 40 police personnel tried to evict her and her family members forcibly in the morning hours.

“The police physically tried to force me out of my shelter, but I refused. I have warned them that I will set myself ablaze if they did not stop harassing me. I have no means to look after my family and pay rent to live elsewhere in the City.”

No tussle with occupants

An official from the Maverick Holdings, under the condition of anonymity, said: “We were trying to fence the demolished area. Our workers did not engage in any form of tussle with its occupants and continued with their work. The ruckus is unnecessarily being created,” he said.

The Adugodi police have termed the allegation baseless. A police official said once the eviction work was completed, they had not entered the area, apart from their routine rounds. On the contrary, some people have returned from Sarjapur where the BBMP has allotted land to them because a non-governmental organisation distributes free food and supplies to the people living around these areas, the official added.