MCC commr rubbishes Mayor's allegations

Mayors vain bid to rein in officers cause of whole episode
Last Updated 31 January 2013, 18:07 IST

Mysore City Corporation (MCC) commissioner M R Ravi has attributed the recent outbursts by Mayor M C Rajeshwari against him, to the failed attempt of suzherainty.

In a press release on Thursday, the commissioner has clarified that despite keeping the mayor in loop seeking her nod either in writing or oral, in the day-to-day affairs, the mayor is levelling allegations casting aspersions on the administration of the city corporation.

Rubbishing the allegations as baseless, the commissioner has said ‘when the mayor’s despotic attitude to rein in the officers deploying blackmail tactics met with a lukewarm response, the mayor has taken carte blanche in raining allegations’.

In a point-to-point clarification, the commissioner has said prior to going out of headquarters he is keeping both deputy commissioner of the district and mayor informed. It’s only during inevitable situations, he convenes a meeting of officers at his home office in Yadavagiri. Even after inviting the mayor for a preliminary meeting of taxation, finance and appeals standing committee on January 19 to discuss about the budget, mayor remained absent.

Similarly, the mayor was conspicuous by her absence for the joint meeting of public health and education, social justice, town planning and development and taxation, finance and appeals standing committees on January 22. Most importantly, when the files were sent for the consent of mayor on January 10 to hold council meetings on January 18 and 31, the mayor didn’t take any decision.

The respective departments have been effecting the decisions taken at the council and those to be implemented at the higher level, have been forwarded to the notice of the government.

The allotment of shops for Lansdowne traders at temporary complex follows the requests from the traders and instructions from the office of district in-charge minister. The said developments were also brought to the notice of the mayor over phone and she too was invited for the programme to hand over the allotment letters.

The administrative procedures related to the rent of commercial shops in the surrounding of town hall is on, and there is no loss as such alleged by the mayor.

The works undertaken under Nurm are being supervised and at times the commissioner himself has shown doors to erring officers. The action taken against officers has also been brought to the notice of mayor.

With regard to pending Rs 13 crore from M/s Maverick Holdings who have been entrusted with the job of commercial complex at Makkaji Chowka, the city corporation has  written to  the government seeking clarification. There is a legal hurdle. 

The revenue section has been complying with the revised rent of the MCC owned shops and double revenue is being collected in the cases of violation during the construction of buildings. Similarly, the local body is abiding by the norms in relation to collecting trade licence fees and there is no question of favouring any individual.

Most importantly, the commissioner has stated that he has sent a detailed report along with relevant documents to the government on January 11, 2013 regarding the allegations pertaining to fixing revenue and merger of properties of Ranjit theatre (now bought by K P Nanjundi), Sankalp Apartment, Skylarge building on Irwin road and Gunambha Trust cases, the release added.

(Published 31 January 2013, 18:06 IST)

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